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“Gary and Colin were very helpful, and quick to respond. The job was done in 2 days, with no mess and no sign they had carried out major work including bricking up the old boiler flue hole with matching brick. Very professional, reliable and trustworthy, I would have no hesitation in recommending them”.
Julie Stuart-Smith (Wye)



Energy Efficient Boilers

What is an ‘energy efficient’ boiler?

In order to comply with current Building Regulations all new boilers installed in the UK must be energy efficient. Theses products are often referred to as ‘condensing’ boilers, which is a reference to the steamy by-product of their efficiency. Many of these appliances are over 90% efficient but because they ‘trap’ more of the heat from the gas they burn they literally create condensation and blow out steam from the flue. Special consideration must therefore be given to a new boiler’s position and available drainage.

Energy Efficient  Energy Efficient Boiler

Whatever type of boiler you chose (combination, open-vented or system) it must be an approved energy efficient ‘condensing’ product.

Gas Safety Plus can advise you on all of the products available to broaden the scope of your new boiler installation and we have specialised knowledge in all of the most common legislation issues regarding gas fired condensing boilers.


Combination Boilers

Often referred to as a ‘Combi’, combination boilers are regarded as one of the most efficient ways to provide gas fired central heating and domestic hot water to a small to medium sized property with up to two bathrooms.

The advantage of having a new generation high efficiency (or condensing) ‘Combi’ boiler is that there is no requirement for tanks or hot water cylinders of any kind, therefore creating space, reducing the risk of leaks and significantly reducing your fuel consumption. After all who wants to pay to heat up 100 litres or more of hot water when all that is needed is a basin full to wash your face or shave?

With a combination boiler the water is heated ‘on demand’ when you turn on the tap. They could be thought of as the modern day equivalent of a Multipoint or Ascot water heater but additionally providing central heating to your home and all from one compact wall hung appliance.

Gas Safety Plus can offer impartial advice on which product may be best suited to your property. The older generation of combination boilers got a bad press but, if fitted correctly, a quality appliance will give many years of faithful service with very satisfying results.

Benefits of having a combination boiler include:

No tanks required and water is mains fed, which is perfect for some loft conversion projects.
High pressure hot and cold supplies means showers are generally boosted and vigorous.
Space is gained for storage as the hot water tank cupboard gets cleared (it can be left as a warm airing cupboard however).
Instant hot water without the wait.
Lower gas consumption = smaller carbon footprint = lower bills



System Boilers

A system boiler works in conjunction with a central heating system and a separate hot water cylinder. The main advantage is that it does not require a header (or feed & vent) tank in the loft. Instead the system is manually filled to create a ‘pressurised’ system in a similar manner to a combination boiler.

System BoilerSystem Boiler

Another benefit of having a system boiler is that they have a built in pump as well as an expansion vessel and pressure gauge.

By having a system boiler precious space is achieved, and radiators will work at any level, which is useful if a loft conversion is intended.

System Boiler

For a diagram of a system boiler set up click here. To discuss whether a system boiler may be best suited to your home contact us for a no obligation chat or estimate.







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